Cathleen Kelley


Certified Health Coach and Registered Nurse


Healthy is more than a number on the scale or your jeans size! Helping you become your healthiest  inside and out! 

Hi! I'm Cathleen.


I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Registered Nurse. 

I help you reach your health goals through a nutrition based, holistic approach. 

Health is so much more than a simple number on a scale or a jeans size.

Become your healthiest you from the inside out!


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Can you relate?...

  • Size 2 or 4 at all costs no matter how you feel or what it does to your health?¬†NO THANKS!
  • You just want to want to get your energy back, ditch the bloat, like how your favorite clothes are fitting again so you can get back to living your best life!¬†
  • Maybe you even went to the doctor or other healthcare provider, got checked out, had labs drawn and heard ‚Äúeverything looks good‚ÄĚ.¬†Great news, except, now what, because you know you don't¬†feel good.
  • Some time passes. You head over to google to figure it out, and quickly become overwhelmed with all¬†the options. Who really has time for all that?

 You deserve to have someone in your corner helping you reach your health goals.

It doesn't have to feel so hard!

I can help!  



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"What a relief to find a safe, simple way to drop the bloat, lose some weight, but more importantly, feel great again! No deprivation, great tasting food, from someone I  trust, and a lifestyle I can maintain for life!  Thank you!"


 Theresa H.

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